What Do You Do When You Have An Emergency In Spain?

Emergencies do occur – If you found yourself witnessing or involved in one would You Know What To Do?

The 'standard' emergency number in Spain is 112 . Not 999 or 911 .

An alternative for Guarda Civil (Local Police) only is 602 .

In addition to knowing what numbers to dial – you need to know what to say.

The sections below show some useful words & phrases – the English version shown in italics while the Spanish version is shown normal.

If you have a specific medical condition I would strongly recommend that you research, translate it and add it to this list.

Note: Due to platform constraints not all of the syntax of the Spanish versions of the words can be produced.


Help! ==> Socorro!

Fire! ==> Fuego!

Bomb! ==> Bomba!

Run! ==> Corre!

Stop! ==> Para!

Look out! ==> Cuidado!

Get down! ==> Al suelo!

Danger! ==> Peligro!

Rape! ==> Violacia!


I am injured ==> Estoy herido

I feel ill ==> Me siento mal

Please call an ambulance ==> Llame una ambulancia por favor

I have an allergy to (eg penicillin) ==> Tengo alergia a (la penicilina)

I have problems with (eg my heart) ==> Tengo problemas de (corazon)

I need my medication ==> Necesito mis medicamentos


Do you speak English? ==> Habla ingles?

I need … ==> Necesito …

… an ambulance ==> … una ambulancia

… a hospital ==> … un hospital

… to go to the accident and emergency unit ==> … ir a urgencias

… a doctor ==> … un doctor

… the police ==> … la policia

… the fire service ==> … los bomberos

… a pharmacy ==> … una farmacia

I need to report a crime ==> Tengo que hacer una denuncia

Can I use your phone please? ==> Me permite usar su telefono por favor?

It is an emergency ==> Es una emergencia

I have been robbed ==> Me han robado

I have been attacked ==> Me han atacado

I have been raped ==> Me han violado

There has been an accident ==> Ha habido un accidente

I have lost my money and passport ==> He perdido mi dinero y pasaporte

I do not have any identification ==> No tengo identificacion


Drive safely ==> Conduzca con seguridad

Fasten your seatbelt ==> Abrechese el cinturon de seguridad

Wear a helmet ==> Use casco

Drink sensibly ==> Beba con moderacion

Not drinking water ==> Agua no potable

Keep your belongings safe / in sight ==> Mantenga sus pertenencias a la vista

Do not enter ==> No entrar

Do not swim / dive ==> No nadar / No tirarse al agua

Please ==> Por favor

Thank you ==> Gracias

Of course it is fine having a list of Spanish words and phrases to use should an energency occur – but to be understood in Spain you must have some idea of ​​how to pronounce these words. This is beyond the scope of this article – follow the link in the resource box for more help with this.

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